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Le but est faciliter l’harmonisation des méthodologies et outils d’évaluation rapide des besoins humanitaires en vue d’une réponse multisectorielle plus rapide et efficace aux besoins des...

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A MIRA is the assessment and analysis of needs carried out during the first two weeks of a sudden onset disaster. It is a multi-sector assessment carried out by key stakeholders which endeavors to...

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Pour s'assurer que l'information est présentée dans un format utile pour faciliter la compréhension de la situation et la prise de décision un formulaire de questionnaire a été mis en place.

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The "Iraq Shelter/WASH/CCCM Prioritisation Tools" Collection is a working project aimed at developing a prioritisation tool for resource distribution in Iraq.

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Date: May 2019
Location: Pakistan
The "Inter-sectoral Humanitarian Knowledge on Pakistan" Channel compiles inter-sectoral humanitarian knowledge on Pakistan on the following topics, organized in Collections: 1) shelter; 2)...
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The "Humanitarian Information Management" Collection is intended as a guidance for country-level use to support Cluster/Sector leads, OCHA and humanitarian partners to ensure that relevant...