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Content Type: Resource
Date: Feb 2014
Location: World

Today, humanitarians work in some of the most volatile and insecure environments in the world. Even as they come under increasing attack, humanitarian workers find ways to continue delivering life...

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Date: Nov 2007


This meeting was hosted by UN/OCHA.

The agenda for days 1 and 2 of Shelter Meeting 08a presented below links to pages...

Content Type: Resource
Publisher(s): UN/OCHA
Date: Dec 2010

Isabelle de Muyser-Boucher, UN/OCHA, gave a short presentation of OCHA's guide on timber as a construction material in humanitarian relief.

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This document provides guidelines for emergency shelter clusters, both at a global and local level.

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Mr. Niels Scott (UN OCHA) presented an update on the progress of the Cluster approach reflecting lessons from responses in Pakistan and Haiti.

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The guidelines 'Shelter after disaster: strategies for transitional settlement and reconstruction' were launched at SM10b by UN/OCHA and Shelter Centre.

The guidelines are the revision of...

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Female headed households distribution per administrative boundary - map

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Map - willingness to return to place of origin

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Publisher(s): Shelter Centre
Date: Nov 2009

Shelter Centre presented current and planned revisions to the UN/OCHA handbook and invited comments. There was also discussion about consistency with the World Bank and Practical Action approaches...

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Publisher(s): OCHA
Date: Jul 2008

The Speaker presented the structure and approach of a scoping study commissioned by UN/OCHA to inform the revision of 'Shelter After Disaster - Guidelines for Assistance' (UNDRO, 1982). The...