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Investment in pre-crisis measures to reduce risk is always preferable to reconstruction. When crisis does occur, people will start rebuilding from the first day and the focus should be to enable...

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Publisher(s): UN HABITAT
Date: Nov 2018
Location: Sri Lanka

This report comprises the findings of two evaluations of housing reconstruction programmes in Sri Lanka:  1. the Final Evaluation of the Support to Conflict Affected People through Housing1...

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The Speaker presented the approach and mandate of UN-Habitat, emphasising the need to bridge humanitarian and development work and promoting sustainability and disaster risk reduction.


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The speaker spoke about how the frequency of conflict and disaster in Ethiopia generated significant displaced populations with a wide variety of needs. He said that camps were subject to frequent...

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The AGFE report on evictions was presented by Leticia Osorio of COHRE, together with testimonies of specific evictions by Malick Gaye of ENDA Tiers Monde, Senegal and Cesare Ottolini of IAI. The...

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Publisher(s): UN-HABITAT
Date: Jun 2015
Location: London

A large proportion of residents in cities and towns of developed as well as developing countries are tenants. Despite this, the number of governments actually trying to support rental housing...

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An arabic version of the UN-Habitat's Islam, Tenure and Property Series, regarding Islamic land tenure and reforms.

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Esteban León, UN-Habitat, discussed the scoping paper, case studies and draft guidelines UN-Habitat is developing regarding land issues, including access, rights and land administration. UN-...

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Date: Feb 2014
Location: Pakistan

This rapid assessment will provide the Government of Pakistan the baseline of information on which to develop its programmes and meet its commitment to help the people and communities to rebuild...

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Date: Nov 2007


This meeting was hosted by UN/OCHA.

The agenda for days 1 and 2 of Shelter Meeting 08a presented below links to pages...