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This document addresses the need to promoting climate change adaptation and mitigation at the local and community level for a number of interconnected reasons, including (i) changes in the...

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Date: Sep 2022

“Clean cooking solutions” refers to a suite of fuel-stove combinations with emissions perfor - mance that meets the World Health Organization’s guidelines for indoor air quality. This category...

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Source Water Protection (SWP) has always been fundamental to water resources management. Source waters can deliver reliable and high-quality water services for drinking and domestic use, livestock...

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This Handbook is aimed largely at managers and generalists - not livestock specialists - the intention being to explain, using practical experiences where possible, some of the most common impacts...

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Pakistan has a unique water situation. It receives most of its rainfall during the
monsoons (July-August), with little rainfall in winter. The snowfall in its northern region

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Date: Feb 2014
Location: World

This publication is the result of extensive consultations and a response to the call for clear policy and practical guidance for mainstreaming gender perspectives into disaster risk reduction. It...

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Publisher(s): Elsevier
Date: May 2021
Location: Mexico

This document can also be found on the official website of Science Direct: https://www....