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Content Type: Resource
Publisher(s): Humanitarian Response
Date: Jan 2021
Location: All Countries

This document can also be found on the official website of the Humanitarian Response at:

Content Type: Resource
Publisher(s): Shelter Cluster Iraq
Date: Aug 2015
Location: London

The following document has been prepared by the Shelter/NFI Cluster Coordination Team to provide guidance to cluster partners on the utilisation of cash-based programming for shelter and NFI...

Content Type: Resource

This publication contains the findings and results of the Emergency Market Mapping (EMMA) on bamboo and timber market chains in Cox's Bazar District - Bangladesh. The Emergency Market Mapping...

Content Type: Resource
Date: Oct 2019

Global Shelter Cluster – Strategic Advisory Group – Statement on Single Use Plastic – Mininize use when possible; Large Shelter/NFI procurement organizations shifting to using plastic; packaging...

Content Type: Resource

This catalogue aims at providing a reference for humanitarian actors in the field on possible interventions to improve the conditions of the sites hosting refugee populations in Cox’s Bazar. It...

Content Type: Collection
Date: Dec 2018
Location: All Countries

The "Key Shelter Guidelines" Collection relates to implementation of humanitarian shelter operations with titles including: Shelter and settlements-the foundation of humanitarian response, Shelter...

Content Type: Resource

When the Rohingya refugee crisis escalated in late 2017 - with a massive influx of 700,000 refugees into Bangladesh (bringing the total Rohingya refugee population in Bangladesh to nearly 1...