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This Collection is part of the 'Post-Conflict Engineering Channel' aimed at improving post-conflict shelter outcomes. It includes technical knowledge on blast impacts on buildings. In...

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At Sanitation and Water for All, we are working to ensure that everyone has adequate access to water and sanitation services. Recognising the needs of older people is essential for our common...

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Date: Jul 2014
Location: World

This book has been produced to help engineers, technicians and project managers ensure that the facilities they design and build are beneficial to all members of society. Using many examples,...

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Date: Feb 2014

This book aims to give guidanze on how humanitarian workers, engineers and logisticians working in cold regions can adapt to the climate in order to provide life-saving water supplies and...

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WASH interventions in urban and peri‐urban areas aiming to provide city dwellers with safe access to affordable and sustainable water of sufficient quality and quantity, good quality sanitation...

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This document can also be found on the Official website of Water Engineering and Development Centre at

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Publisher(s): UNICEF
Date: Mar 2022
Location: All Countries

The Framework is based on UNICEF’s experiences in urban WASH programming in over 50 countries. It represents a clear set of expectations and forms the basis for the organisation’s work on urban...

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This document can also be found on the Official website of the World Health Organisation (WHO) at
This interim guidance summarizes WHO...

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Education performance in Sierra Leone has historically been very low, particularly outside of Freetown. Moreover, while significant progress has been made in enrolments at the primary level, the...

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 The guidance in this publication summarises how basic disaster preparedness and early warning procedures can be implemented in the water and waste water sector,and identifies the specific...