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Millions of people affected by humanitarian crises fail to get the support they need and deserve. Only by drawing attention to these crises can we create change.Every year, the Norwegian Refugee...

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Date: Nov 2011

Mr. Øyvind Nordlie from the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) presented on environmental accountability, starting from a deep analysis of the needs and target for such purpose, and ending describing...

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Overview of CaLP's work on Shelter and its relationship with Cash Transfer programming. 

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Date: Jun 2022
Location: Global

The Global Compact on Refugees provides an important opportunity to define how state commitments to voluntary, safe, dignified, and sustainable returns can be translated into concrete, actionable...

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A video regarding the Syrian refugee camp "Zaatari" in Jordan and how NRC is insulating tents.

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Date: Dec 2008

Karen Walker of the ProAct Network and Martin Suvatne of the Norwegian Refugee Council presented a case study on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

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Date: Jul 2015
Location: London

This NRC report addresses the situation of Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries. It looks at the lack of affordability and rising economic vulnerability and the lack of security of tenure for...

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Date: Jan 2022

This report focuses on the development of a “toolkit” to help organisations engaged in the refugee response to better understand the intersections between their work and statelessness, and to...

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Date: Aug 2014
Location: Jordan

Access to Secure and Adequate Housing for Syrian Refugees living in Host Communities in Jordan.