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In order to make of disaster preparedness and DRR a mainstream topic, a 3 acre park in the historic town of Kot Diji, Upper Sindh, is being transformed into DRR Training Park, where demonstration...

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An update of DFID funded shelter projects with IOM & partners, Heritage Foundation and HANDS in southern Sindh, Pakistan October, 2012

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A presentation by Dr. Yasmeen Lari SI HI Fukuoka & Jane Drew Prize Laureate Marshall Visiting Professor of Sustainable Design, University of CambridgeCo-Founder and...

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Date: Nov 2013
Location: Pakistan

1 – One Room Shelter Program – Building resilience trough shelter reconstruction

2 – Following the achievements of the 2010 ORS program that supported the reconstruction of 38,000 shelters...

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Publisher(s): Article 25
Date: Feb 2014
Location: World

Kabul has been subject to years of war and devastation, which in turn has destroyed much of the traditional architecture, resulting in the loss of valuable Afghan heritage. Article 25 was...

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Date: May 2019
Location: Pakistan
The "Inter-sectoral Humanitarian Knowledge on Pakistan" Channel compiles inter-sectoral humanitarian knowledge on Pakistan on the following topics, organized in Collections: 1) shelter; 2)...