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"Capacity building in this manual defines the process of identifying and supporting existing urban search and rescue (USAR) resources or developing new capacity through the creation of systems and...

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Date: Nov 2018
Location: All Countries

This Collection is part of the 'Post-Conflict Engineering Channel' aimed at improving post-conflict shelter outcomes. It includes technical knowledge on blast impacts on buildings. In...

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This handbook provides operational guidance and tools to support effective protection
responses in situations of internal displacement.

Specifically, the Handbook seeks to:

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The Baseline Report - Women's Participation Pilot Project in Iraq is a is a collaborative effort between the Women’s Refugee Commission (WRC) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM...

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Cette revue des données secondaires a été préparée dans le cadre du programme REACH, programme inter-agences d’IMPACT Initiatives (IMPACT) et dans le cadre du partenariat global avec le Cluster...