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This paper has two broad objectives. First, it aims to review the scale and nature of the humanitarian challenge posed by extreme heat, both now and under future climate change scenarios. This...

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This research, which serves as guidance notes for the Red Cross Red Crescent, aimed to synthesize knowledge about anticipatory action for drought, highlight major questions, and propose pathways...

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Date: Nov 2008

Shelter & Climate was a one-day conference on 19th November 2008, requested by participants at Shelter Meeting 08a.

Shelter & Climate was kindly funded by...

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This document can also be found on the official website of IFRC at
High temperatures and prolonged dry conditions have resulted in...

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Publisher(s): American Red Cross
Date: Jun 2020
Location: USA

This document can also be found on the official website of the American Red Cross at
These standards reflect the application...

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Publisher(s): OCHA
Date: Feb 2023
Location: Europe Zone
The Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks (HNPW) 2023 will be held in a hybrid format from 17 to 28 April 2023. The first week will be held remotely, while the second week (24-28 April 2023)...
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Presentation focuses on how to use ECP to inform Shelter and Settlement. Project in summary : 

  • First selected: Bangladesh and Vanuatu 
  • Information on the...
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Breakout group 3

As part of the Emergency Shelter Cluster Working Group (ESCWG) work plan for 2007, Shelter Centre, NRC and CARE have been co-leading a project to develop ‘...

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Date: Aug 2013


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Date: Jul 2011


Shelter Meeting 11b...