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Content Type: Event
Publisher(s): RIBA
Date: Feb 2016
Location: London
The destruction of cities, whether manmade or natural, can present unique opportunities to radically rethink townscapes. The exhibition 'Creation from Catastrophe – how Architecture rebuilds...
Content Type: Event
Publisher(s): CERAHGENEVA
Date: Mar 2016
For more information: • CAS People Management in Humanitarian Settings (2 April – 20 May 2016) • Thematic Seminar Team Management in Humanitarian Settings (18 – 22 April) • Thematic Seminar...
Content Type: Event
ABOUT THE COURSE Aid agencies in recent urban emergencies have often lacked the ability to respond effectively in these environments. The urban context is much more complex than many rural or camp...
Content Type: Event
ABOUT THE COURSE This course is about providing development and humanitarian professionals working in urban neighbourhoods to more effectively adapt, transform or negate the potential impact of...
Content Type: Event
Date: Nov 2018
Location: Geneva
The workshops will provide training on methodology explicitly designed for out-of-camp needs assessments, especially in urban areas. Participants will: • Gain a better understanding of area-based...
Content Type: Event
How can the private sector better work with the humanitarian sector in pre- and post-disaster reconstruction and development to reinforce local ownership and support localisation?