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Content Type: Resource
Date: Jul 2008
Location: Pakistan

The speaker described the role of early recovery. The speaker stressed the need to start early recovery in parallel with relief operations, presenting them as complementary ways of assisting a...

Content Type: Resource

The speaker described UN-Habitat's programme for reconstruction in Darfur in preparation for the return of the displaced population.  The speaker highlighted the threat of regional environmental...

Content Type: Resource
Publisher(s): UN HABITAT
Date: Nov 2013
Location: Iraq

This presentation covered topics including:


•    Displacement in Baghdad

•    Durable Solutions: Options & Approaches

•    Direct implementation challenges

Content Type: Resource

Recovery is “processes through which those affected by disasters achieve desired levels of social well-being, quality of life, sense of place and belonging, and civic engagement”

Content Type: Resource

This presentation covered topics including-

1. Cluster working group on early recovery

2. Cluster working group strategic objective

3. Changes in working culture


Content Type: Resource
Publisher(s): IOM
Date: Oct 2018
Location: Myanmar
Content Type: Resource

The resource is a presentation showing and illustrating experiences using UAV in  Humanitarian resposes. the case study is Phillipines. It shows important role of UAVs in humanitarian responses -...

Content Type: Resource

Access to energy in the modern world has become a basic human rights but many people live without access to electrictiy in the world. Thus every person affected by conflict and natural disaster...

Content Type: Resource
Date: Nov 2018
Location: Worldwide

The green recovery and reconstruction toolkit is a series of 10 stand alone modules that address a wide range of topics and topics vital to disaster response and consists of-1. Content paper...

Content Type: Resource

This is the resource which focuses around urban development planning, gender and social and social justice in a post-disaster recovery and also gender in the urban context.