Training in structural detailing and post-disaster structural damage assessments - MENA

 RedR UK in cooperation with Ramboll UK and local experts from both Syria and Iraq developed and implemented a training course in structural damage assessment and detailing for engineers in Iraq involved in reconstruction of residential buildings and social infrastructure (up to 3-story buildings). The project is funded by the Ramboll Foundation with pro-bono input by Ramboll UK. The overarching aim of the course is to improve the safety and disaster resilience of such structures affected by conflict or natural disasters. Given the regional context the course focussed on both seismic loading and blast loading. The presentation will outline the background of the project, the process adopted, challenges overcome, progress to date and the way forward. As we speak the course is being reviewed by a number of specialists including from the Shelter Centre, the Royal Engineers and Industry. A 2ndcohort has commenced the training focussing slightly more on seismic loading with participants from Iraq, Turkey and Afghanistan. The 2nd version of the course will have a greater focus on blast loading and hence Post-Conflict Engineering. We are already in discussion with stakeholders to create a similar training for the Ukraine context.