Timber Pole Construction Information Pack

If the download fails, please right click on the link and click 'Save Link As'. This information pack is designed to offer an introduction to timber poles as a construction material. It draws on both published and unpublished material in an attempt to provide a selective summary of revelant information, which ranges from a discussion of basic principles through to worked examples. Each source is acknowledged individually. One aim has been to cover the more fundamental aspects of timber pole construction and where possible, this information has been traced to its original sources. By definition, therefore, some references are not new, but this has not diminished their relevance in the context of appropriate, affordable construction. To complement this data, examples of timber pole constructions undertaken as part of TRADA Technology project activities are also included. There are a number of sections combined in this document: Introduction and ReferencesImproved Pole TimberPole Frame ConstructionPole House ConstructionDesign for Pole Frame BuildingsImproved Pole Timber ConstructionPole Bindings in Pap New GuineaTimber Pole House Roof Construction manualTimber Pole Trusses, a demonstration building at BTI, Harare