Structure Plan for Nnewi and Satellite Towns

The goals of the structure plans are towards achieving environmental sustainability in the context of achieving State and Local Economic Development Strategies, Millennium Development Goals and Habitat Agenda, orderly and healthy development, the contributions of cities to sustained economic growth, poverty reduction, sustainable livelihoods, good governance and gender empowerment. This Report, which is the structure plan for Nnewi, is a tangible outcome of this cooperative effort. For the next 20 years, the Structure Plan envisions that Nnewi will be planned and developed as ‘the foremost efficient, functional, livable, inclusive and sustainable industrial and commercial centre in Anambra State’. Specifically, to promote Nnewi as an efficient and commercial city, the structure plan is designed to achieve the economies of scale industries located together by attracting the existing diverse industries in family compounds to a well-laid out industrial estate.