Sources 8: Legal Resources for the Right to Water: International Standard: International and Local Standards

Sources No. 8 sets out the foundations for the right to water in international and regional treaties and declarations as well as in national laws. It sets out explicit references to the right to water and/or state duties to provide water. It also describes legal provisions that implicitly refer to access to water as a component of an adequate standard of living, hygiene or protection of the environment. This guide covers the authoritative interpretation and application of the right by United Nations and regional official committees of independent experts. It also includes excerpts from decisions of national and regional courts on the right to water. Implementing the right to water will often require a review of State legislation and policy related to water services regulation, water quality management, overall environmental management, public services regulation, social security measures, human rights and citizens complaints institutions. Therefore, this guide covers legal sources that provide for a right to water, but also surveys a selection of sources that obligate States to carry out measures that form key components of the right to water.