Safe and Child-friendly Schools Construction Guidelines

This “Safe and Child-Friendly School Construction Guidelines” (2018) for the construction of new schools in Myanmar is part of the implementation of the National Education Strategic Plan (2016-2021). The Guidelines come out at this important time of promoting our socioeconomic and education systems as safe and quality primary schools can be the only place for our future leaders to start their education journey, leading to our better future. Myanmar is a nation with diverse geographical features, national races, culture and traditions, languages, beliefs, resources and calamities. Correspondingly, various practices such as community-initiated schools, government schools, and schools that are rebuilt after natural disasters or conflicts have been adopted in the construction of schools. It is, thus, crucial to develop the guidelines that will address the needs of the huge diversity. The Guidelines are inevitable initial steps towards the quality education we aim at. Myanmar is undertaking reforms of its education system in tandem with the comprehensive National Education Strategic Plan (2016-2021). For further information, visit