Review and Re-assessment of the Situation of Central African Refugees in Southern Chad.

A Joint Assessment Mission (JAM) was jointly organized by UNHCR and WFP from October 15-20, 2009 to investigate the status of assistance to Central African Refugees in Southern Chad, overall nutritional status of refugees, level of self-reliance, additional needs and development strategies employed or to be employed into the future (next 12-18 months). U.N. agencies (UNICEF, FAO, OCHA, WHO), concerned donors (The European Commission and the Embassy of France), concerned international NGOs (ACT, AFRICARE, COOPI, CCSI and Solidarite) assigned representative members. Several other NGOs associated with the exercise in the field during certain segments of the work. The Government of Chad was represented on both teams by delegates of CNAR. The exercise was actually conducted by two distinct teams which carried out their work simultaneously (one team visited the five Gore and Maro camps, while a second team visited the isolated camps in Haraze and Daha).