Rapid assessment of acute environmental risks after Hurricane Dorian

On 1 September 2019, Hurricane Dorian made landfall as a Category 5 hurricane on Abaco Islands, The Bahamas, before moving over Grand Bahama Island, The Bahamas. As of 29 October, the official death toll stood at 67, and is expected to rise given that over 200 people were still missing. The hurricane left a trail of devastation, with destroyed buildings, uprooted trees and significant disruptions to basic services on both islands. Key environmental concerns in the aftermath of Dorian included: i) the management of large quantities of disaster waste generated by the hurricane; ii) the confirmed inland spill of crude oil and any potential spills at sea from Equinor’s oil storage facility on Grand Bahama Island; and iii) any potential secondary and cascading impacts resulting from damages to the numerous hazardous operation facilities located on Abaco and Grand Bahama Islands.