Owner-Driven Construction of Permanent Housing

On December 26, 2004, a massive earthquake of magnitude 9.0 occurred off the West Coast of Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. The earthquake had a depth of 10km and triggered massive tsunamis that affected 13 countries throughout South and Southeast Asia. At least 1.6 million people were displaced across the region and more than 200,000 people killed. In Sri Lanka, the impact of the tsunami devastated a number of coastal areas and the outskirts of Colombo in the west. The coastal strip of land throughout these areas was leveled. As of January 7, 2005, the Government of Sri Lanka reported the death toll as 30,718, with thousands more people missing and injured. 515,234 people were displaced, and 111,681 houses were completely or sufficiently damaged to render them uninhabitable.Owner-driven construction of permanent housing enabled families devastated by the catastrophic 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, to take the leading role in their recovery. Caritas Sri Lanka (CSL) and CRS provided the necessary technical support, but the overall monitoring and quality was undertaken by the community.