National School Health Strategy Implementation Plan 2011-2015 (Republic of Kenya)

The "National School Health Strategy Implementation Plan 2011-2015 (Republic of Kenya)" resource is a product of Kenya's Ministry of Education.The Government of Kenya is committed to achieving education for all (EFA) and improved health status. These are two key targets in the millennium development goals. The new constitution of Kenya stipulates that every child has the right to basic nutrition, health care and basic education. Improved health for children implies safer and healthier lives for a better world.These National school health strategy implementation aims at improving the health of all children in school. The school environment is one of the key settings for promoting children’s environmental health and safety as reflected in the National Health sector strategic plan as well as the Kenya education sector support programme. A national school health policy (2009) and national school health guidelines (2009) have been developed and disseminated.This national school health strategic implementation plan aims to identify and mainstream key health interventions for improved school health and education. The strategy comprises eight thematic areas; these are: Values and life skills, Gender issues, Child rights, child protection and responsibilities, Special needs, disability and rehabilitation, Water, sanitation and hygiene, Nutrition, Disease prevention and control and School infrastructure and environmental safety. The strategy outlines critical issues on health and education linkages that are important towards the improvement of child health while in school. The school environment must create an enabling atmosphere for social, cultural and emotional well being that promotes a healthy child friendly school. This strategy will ensure that positive changes in school environment are supported, reinforced and sustained through a school health policy; skills based health education and school health services. It envisaged that effective and efficient healthy school environment shall ensure access, retention, quality and equity in education.For further information, visit