Management response to Shelter and NFI Cluster Evaluation Cyclone Giri Response, Myanmar

An evaluation of the Shelter Cluster activated in responce to Cyclone Giri which struck Myanmar in October 2010. The purpose of this evaluation was to: 1. Appraise the service provided by the IFRC as coordinator of the shelter and NFI sector to shelter sector participants – Government, UN agencies, Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, NGOs both national and international, and other actors; 2. Review and analyze the experience of the IFRC with respect to the establishment and operation of the shelter and NFI sector, with a particular emphasis on lessons to be learnt for future operations; 3. Provide recommendations with regard to the IFRC’s leadership of future emergency shelter coordination activities at both national and global levels; 4. Examine if there were aspects of the IFRC's shelter sector leadership which potentially might have or actually did compromise the mandate and principles of the Red Cross/Red Crescent. 5. Examine the options for the IFRC to continue to have a lead role in the shelter sector during non-emergency periods and the resources required to perform such a role; 6. Examine the linkages between the shelter and the NFI sector and any coordination system set up by the national authorities; 7. Examine the extent to which national actors (NGOs, affected population, civil society and the private sector) were included in the coordination mechanism; 8. Analyze whether actions have been taken to address recommendations (global and not specific to operational context) made in previous cluster reviews.