Madagascar: Training for safer construction after cyclone Kamisy

Case study prepared as part of a project, Evaluation of PostDisasterHousing Education as a Local Mitigation Approach. It examines the post-cyclone reconstruction program designed and conducted with USAID support following the 1984 Cyclone Kaniiiy in Madagascar, with regard to the sustainability of its message and practice during the more than eight years since its inception. The USAID-OFDA project illustrates an effort to apply a mix of program approaches ­materials distribution, an educational program for builders and homeowners on improved techniques for wind resistance, support to existing and new local micro-enterprise development related to the program, and transition to a trained local team - within the short­ term funding constraints of OFDA, that would initiate a base of long-term preparedness and mitigation activities in an island country at high risk of cyclonic storms and flooding.