Lime Stabilized Soil for Flood Resilient Building Posters

 These posters have been prepared as a companion guide for the development and use of local materials, particularly soils, lime and pozzolans for construction in rural flood prone areas of Pakistan, where severe flooding in recent years has had a devastating effect on unstabilized earth housing. Hundreds of thousands of houses have dissolved in long standing flood water. Results from two flood relief programmes across Sindh in 2013 and 2014 have indicated the great potential for the use of lime in stabilising local soils. Many of the mixes have remained stable under water after many months, some for over one year. Wet compressive strength field tests indicate that many of these mixes are strong enough for the construction of new buildings. Such results are currently being correlated with laboratory tests, but the field test results are compelling, and the villagers are making their own minds up after seeing the result. See.