The Law of Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures

The Law of Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures is under the Ministerial Regulation amended no. 49 (B. E. 2540), this law issued in 11 November B. E. 2540 in concerned about the resistant design of structures from Earthquake. The law focused on the risk area in Thailand after the law issued, many technical experts paid intentioned to the earthquake and seismic study. Many result of studies urged the Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning had furthered amendment this law in B. E. 2550, the important revised points are as following:
o Increase the control area from 10 provinces to 22 provinces by below criteria :
o œThe awareness area?: this area may effected by earthquake which included Chum pron, Pang Nga, Phuket, Ranong, Songkla, and Suratthani. These provinces located in the Ranong fault line and Klong Ramui fault line (active faults)
o The Zone or area 1 This area considered as the soft soil and effected from the remote earthquake which included Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pathumtani, Pathumtani, and Samutprakan . This area is in the risk equally to the Zone 1 of Uniform Building Code, United states of America
o The Zone 2 , this is located near the faults which may effected by earthquake which included Kachanaburi, Chaing Rai, Chaing Mai, Tak, Nan, Payao, Mae Hong son, Lampang, and Lampoon.
o More clarifications on the criteria of building which need to be under this law
o In the calculation have to declared by the register engineer and also the stand of resistant calculation based on type of building