Land Tenure

The presentation looks at the relation between shelter and land and the factors that make land tenure important to the economic consequences of shelter. It argues that shelter interventions tie relief and development activities together better than any other sector. For shelter to produce forward economic linkages (benefits such as creation of home based enterprise), it must turn from a 'thing' (four walls and a roof) to a 'property', something that cannot happen without land tenure.

The idea of a 'cook book' of land tenure issues was raised, so people can pick & choose methods to get the objectives of the program completed without damaging systems already in place.

The action points are:

  1. Guidelines and training in this area are needed for people going to the field
  2. Land should be considered in every shelter program by inclusion in assessment tools.
  3. Experts on land tenure issues should be involved with shelter programs

Also included is a copy of a report by the presenter entitled "Land Title and Tenure Issues in Transitional Shelter Relief Programs".