Infrastructure Status of Health Facilities in Earthquake affected districts

Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) Baluchistan reported that earthquake caused
376 (330 from Awaran and 46 from Kech) deaths with 594 injuries reported from Awaran and 240
from Kech. The official data reveals 160,000 people affected in district Awaran and 25,000 people in
Kech. The updates also include 32,000 affected families in Awaran and 5,000 families in Kech
whereas 20,000 houses in Awaran and 1000 houses in Kech are partially or completely damaged.
PDMA Balochistan has declared UCs Awaran, Teertaij, Gishkore, Gajjar, Nokjo & Parwar “Calamity hit
areas” in Awaran while Dandar and Hoshap in Kech. PDMA Baluchistan has allowed all United Nation Agencies for localized response, however, all national and local NGOs have to obtain NOC from government before implementing any project.