How to support women's land rights in Mozambique?

The report discusses how to support women’s land rights in Mozambique by drawing upon the experiences, approaches used, and lessons learnt through Norwegian support to four main organizations: Norwegian People’s Aid, FAO with the Mozambican Centre for Juridical and Judicial Training (CFJJ), CLUSA (Cooperative League of the United States), and the Mozambican feminist civil-society organisation Forum Mulher. These are all involved in projects aiming to protect, bring into effect, and promote the local implementation of women’s equal rights to land, as recognized in the Constitution and in the Mozambican Land Law of 1997. Their work is carried out in local contexts which in various ways are subject to the increasing interest in land from external investors, and the increasing pressure on land and natural resources that characterise the situation in many parts of Mozambique today. The organisations use different approaches in their work; they use different channels; but in many ways their efforts and approaches complement each other through addressing different challenges in a complex field.