The Homeowner's Guide to Earthquake Safety

Recent earthquakes have reminded us thatthey can be sudden, destructive, anddeadly. But they also have proved that preparation saves lives and property. As a current or prospectivehomeowner, the foundation of your preparation should beto ensure the strength of your home. This booklet isdesigned to be a good place to begin that strengthening. There are no guarantees of safety during earthquakes, but experience has demonstrated time and again thatappropriately constructed or strengthened homes areunlikely to collapse or even be irreparably damagedduring earthquakes. The California Seismic SafetyCommission advises you to act on the suggestionsoutlined in this booklet and make yourself, your family, and your home safer. California is earthquake countryand always will be; donít just worry about - The BigOne - plan for the next one.