Guidelines for preparation of the Drought Management Plans: Development and implementation in the context of the EU Water Framework Directive

The Guidelines are targeted primarily at public bodies and competent authorities responsible for national drought planning. Furthermore, efforts were made to make the Guidelines clear and simple to increase understanding by stakeholders and the broad public. The general objective was supplemented by specific objectives:• Encourage broader commitments to integrated water management systems, according to the WaterFramework Directive (WFD), that provide for a better understanding of how to integrate droughtmanagement into the planning and development of RBMPs.• Use a step-by-step approach to develop DMPs in accordance with WMO/GWP Guidelines and EU Guidelines.• Provide information on other issues related to drought that are included in the WFD: quantitative status,prolonged drought, and climate change. The Guidelines also include a number of experiences of the countries that were involved in earlier phases of the IDMP CEE.