Guidelines for Flash Appeals

Flash appeals present an early strategic response plan and specific projects within5-7 days of the emergency's onset. If major uncertainty exists about the evolution of thecrisis, the appeal presents the most likely scenarios and the response strategy for each. Flash appeals are usually revised about a month later, when more information is available. They may serve as the basis for funding applications to the CERF (among other donors): theRC/HC indicates which appeal projects the CERF should fund. The RC/HC, supported byOCHA, is responsible for producing the appeal. Organisations that have been asked to leadand coordinate the response within a given sector or area of activity (i. e. cluster or sectorleads) have a key role: working with all relevant partners to develop the response plans andvet project proposals for inclusion in the appeal. Flash appeals should include priorityprojects from all key implementing agencies on the ground, including NGOs.