Endline Report - South Sudan, Women's Participation Pilot Project, 2018

The Endline Report - South Sudan, Women's Participation Pilot Project, 2018, resource is the result of a collaborative effort between the Women’s Refugee Commission (WRC) & International Organization for Migration (IOM).   This endline report outlines key findings on the changes, if any, affecting how women and girls participate in the camp life and camp governance and how they relate to their perceptions of safety, as a result of these pilot strategies. This endline report is the product of a study conducted in the Bentiu Protection of Civilian site (PoC) in Unity State, South Sudan, by IOM in September 2017.  The report presents qualitative findings, quantitative survey results, and recommendations to advance women’s participation in camp governance within displacement camps.  The Baseline Report on South Sudan is also available on the Humanitarian Library: https://www.humanitarianlibrary.org/resource/baseline-report-south-sudan... The report conducted on endline assessments in South Sudan is part of a multi-country operation in Ecuador, Iraq, Nigeria, and the Philippines - in order to establish the existing levels of women’s participation in each location and identify strategies to improve their participation. The identified strategies will inform pilot interventions that assess which approaches improve women’s participation and whether they have an additional benefit on perceptions around their risks to Gender-based Violence (GBV). For further information this project and others please visit, https://womenindisplacement.org/south-sudan, where you can find out more about accessing toolkits and training.