Distribution of Shelter Materials, NFI and Cash

This document was originally published on the official website of the Global Shelter Cluster at: https://www.sheltercluster.org/.
This booklet by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and CARE International UK in collaboration with the IASC GBV Guidelines on behalf of the Global Shelter Cluster Working Group on Gender-Based Violence Risk Reduction provides guidance to shelter and non-food items (NFI) practitioners on essential actions to be undertaken to reduce risks of gender-based violence (GBV) associated with the distribution of shelter and NFI including both in kind and cash-based assistance.
It describes how to ensure that the health, security, privacy and dignity of the affected populations are safeguarded throughout the distribution process. More specifically, it looks at how shelter and NFI distribution can contribute to reduce and mitigate existing or potential GBV risks in emergencies, and how shelter and NFI agencies can reduce and mitigate risks directly associated with the distribution process.
This resource is part of a collection of similar guidelines titled "Gender-based violence and site/settlement planning".
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