Design Assistance Tool for Sustainable Construction in Conflict and Crises Affected Context

The  ICRC sustainable construction tool  is an design-support tool developed to enhance sustainable decision making in the humanitarian sector, worldwide. and specifically targeting  medium to large scale construction projects as healthcare facilities, office buildings and educational facilities.

The tool is designed for construction project managers, technical officers and chiefs of units of humanitarian organizations, and accompanies the project development over its whole life cycle, from site analysis to detailed design, implementation and O&M.

It  is  accessible globally via any web browser and internet connection, and it combines worldwide-applicable feedback with location-informed analysis.

Its sustainability coverage, expressed via qualitative recommendations and quantitative analysis, includes-

  • Design recommendations, including material choice 

  • Carbon emissions related to materials and transport

  • Hazard exposure and environmental threats alerts and mitigation strategies

  • Water management including simple tank dimensioning sheet

  • Energy performance including simple  PV system dimensioning sheet

  • Construction waste management 

  • Socio-cultural appropriateness and streamlined handover (under development)

  • Maintenance optimization  and support along the monitoring phase


The tool is at its pilot release within the ICRC, although intended for a broader target audience within the humanitarian sector on the long run. 


To express your interest in participating in the pilot, or for partnering in the upcoming versions development, please contact the presenters at: