Construction Good Practice Standards

This document was developed from an internal set of standards, originally by Michele Young, that has been established at Save the Children since 2015 and were adapted for cross-sector use on behalf of the Global Shelter Cluster by a team that included Dominic Courage at Save the Children, Shane Copp at IOM, Brenda Rose Daniel at World Vision and Chiara Jasna Vaccaro at DRC. We are grateful to the wide array of agencies who gave their time to review and feed into the development of this document including UNHCR, IFRC, Habitat for Humanity, UNOPS, MedAir, and Bridges to Prosperity. This 2021 version of the document is released as the latest full version of the Construction Good Practice Standards and incorporates many substantial revisions and inclusions. Thanks go to Chiara Jasna Vaccaro, Shane Copp, and Elizabeth Palmer for their work on this version.