Consolidated lessons and recommendations from the TEC Synthesis Report and TEC Thematic Evaluations

This document presents the lessons and recommendations of all six TEC reports “ ie, the five thematic evaluations as well as the Synthesis Report. These recommendations have been broken down into 11 themes: 1. Accountability2. Coordination3. Disaster Risk Reduction4. Funding5. Human Resources6. LRRD7. Needs assessment8. Other actors (ie, other than humanitarian actors)9. Ownership (mostly from the Capacities Report)10. Policy Coherence11. RegulationEach matrix is itself broken down into sub-themes for ease of reference. These themes and sub-themes represent just one way of ˜slicing the cake' and are simply intended to help the reader identify and find their way around what the TEC Secretariat has identified as the main themes in the reports. Each recommendation is also addressed to a particular target audience, and this appears in the column to the right of each recommendation. Finally, many recommendations are relevant to more than one theme as would be expected in a series of reports that attempt to show how change needs to be integrated in a sector where many themes cut across each other. Underneath many of the recommendations, therefore, appear the titles of other relevant themes showing that the particular recommendation appears in more than one place.