Climate Change & Humanitarian Action 2021

This report considers the relationship between climate change and humanitarian action.The document review started with a review of the first 200 returns on Google scholar using the tags (“climate change” AND “humanitarian”) AND (Strateg* OR Policy OR Financ* OR fund*) with date: 2010–2021. Documents were included where they: related to disasters (hazard events affecting multiple people at one time) that affected human lives and/or livelihoods; had an evaluative component or presented lessons; and provided a full explanation of the methodology used. Twenty-six documents met these criteria. However, a large number of these (15) related to issues of migration, and had been written before the creation of the 2016 Global Compact for Migration. As a result, much of the argument in these documents had been overtaken by events, and so these documents were also excluded. This left eleven documents for review.