Branz 2015 house condition Survey- A comparison of house condition by tenure

This resource highlights survey of the house conditions and comparison of house conditions by tenure. It covers the following topics: Introduction covering background of Brannz 2015 house conditions survey, house condition  survey, and scope of the report; Survey sampling and recruitment-sample structure, recruitment and post sampling weighting and survey process; The houses and their occupants-comparison of HCS households and census data, lenth of residence and intention to move and housing stock age profile; Overall house condition-house condition ratings, overall average house condition ratings and occupant perceptions of house conditions; Interior conditions-overall conditions of rooms, conditions of interior linings and fittings and interior linings and fittings defects; Exterior features and building envelope-conditions of house exterior and building envelope, exterior defects and decks; Damp and mould; Overall level of maintenance and repairs; Discussions and recommendations.