The Anatomy of A Silent Crisis

This report documents the full impact of climate change on human society worldwide today. It covers in specific detail the most critical areas of the global impact of climate change, namely on food, health, poverty, water, human displacement, and security. The third section of this report highlights the massive socio-economic implications of those impacts, in particular, that the worst affected are the world’s poorest groups, who cannot be held responsible for the problem. The final section examines how sustainable development and the Millennium Development Goals are in serious danger, the pressures this will exert on humanitarian assistance, and the great need to integrate efforts in adapting to climate change. Based on verified scientific information, established models, and, where needed, on the best available estimates, this report represents the most plausible narrative of the human impact of climate change. It reports in a comprehensive manner the adverse effects people already suffer today due to climate change within a single volume, encompassing the full spectrum of the most important impacts evidenced to date. The findings of the report indicate that every year climate change leaves over 300,000 people dead, 325 million people seriously affected, and economic losses of US$125 billion. Four billion people are vulnerable, and 500 million people are at extreme risk. These figures represent averages based on projected trends over many years and carry a significant margin of error. The real numbers could be lower or higher. The different figures are each explained in more detail and in context in the relevant sections of the report. Detailed information describing how these figures have been calculated is also included in the respective sections and in the end matter of the report.