Disaster Risk Reduction in Urban Emergencies (Online Course)

ABOUT THE COURSE This course is about providing development and humanitarian professionals working in urban neighbourhoods to more effectively adapt, transform or negate the potential impact of natural hazards through the practice of disaster risk reduction (DRR) and resilience. How does the practice of DRR and resilience translate to complex, vibrant urban environments? What can we learn from the latest research and understanding of good practice? How do global frameworks relate to realities on the ground? And what can practitioners from the humanitarian and development sectors actually do? This four-week course aims to answer these questions, thereby providing participants with practical, tangible ways to reduce disaster risk and contribute to more resilient towns and cities. OBJECTIVES Upon completion of this course you will be able to: Analyse what makes urban contexts unique, and apply this knowledge to DRR and resilience approaches Demonstrate a critical understanding of urban resilience and disaster risk reduction, including where the concepts come from and how they apply to towns and cities. Identify and explain hazards and risks in urban contexts, and apply an understanding of urban governance and coordination within disaster management. Explain opportunities that urban contexts bring to disaster preparedness, risk reduction and integrated development for resilience. Analyse and identify how these concepts can be applied before and after an urban crisis. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? This course is designed for both humanitarian and development practitioners. It will be of interest to those currently working in towns and cities, as well as those who want to develop their skills in this area, including staff from local and national government, NGOs, the UN, urban planners and designers, architects and other related fields. Classes will be held in English. Sessions will draw upon participants’ past experiences working in towns and cities. OVERALL AIM To better equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to apply DRR and resilience thinking in complex urban settings. WHAT DOES THE COURSE COVER Urban Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Urban Governance, Risk Management and Coordination Urban Opportunities and Resources Building resilience before and after a disaster METHODOLOGY All course activities are asynchronous, so there aren’t fixed times when you need to be on-line to meet with other course participants. Yet with plenty of discussions it often feels like real time, with the added advantage that you can take a little longer to formulate your contributions. You can log in when convenient for you, whether that is during the working day, in the evening at home or while traveling. COURSE FEES RANGE FROM £50-277, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED PLEASE FOLLOW THE BELOW LINK: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/disaster-risk-reduction-and-resilience-in-urban-emergencies-online-course-tickets-45644273250