Advanced Project Cycle Management

Good management can't save a bad project, but poor management can easily ruin a good one. This course takes project management to the next level, using real life humanitarian and development projects to dive deeper into what tools, processes, and strategies are needed to ensure the right project is delivered to the right population, on time and on budget. Over the 3 days participants will critically analyse case study documents from complex projects in the sector and work through the project cycle to understand how different tools can be used in practical terms at each stage. Based on the PMD Pro phase model of project management, this course is for project managers already working in the humanitarian and development sectors looking to fine tune their skills. A basic understanding of PMD Pro principles is strongly advised, as well as experience managing projects and using basic management tools like project plans, logframes, and budgets. (For participants looking for an introductory level project management course, check out Managing Project and People in Emergencies, or our PMD Pro Level 1 course.) What does the course cover? Project Cycles Identification and Design Planning Stakeholder Management Risk Management M&E for Project Managers Issue and Change Management End of Project Transitions The Project Manager These topics are all taught at an advanced level and some experience with the concepts above is assumed. By the end of the course you will be able to: Critically analyse a project plan, including logframes and project narratives Identify potential issues and solutions to working with a variety of stakeholders, including partners and suppliers Distinguish between assumptions, issues, and risks and make plans for each to mitigate project impact Describe the role of the project manager in M&E and carry out appropriate M&E analysis tasks, including managing variances Utilise tools to improve transition planning and apply project lessons learned Explain the significance of situational leadership and apply it to personal project management situations How much does the course cost? Standard Individual - £433.00 Standard Organisation - £726.00 Please sign up by following the below link: