Somali Minister praises Qatar Charity for its efforts in education

The Minister of State for Education, Culture and Higher Education in Somalia, Mr. Abdul Rahman Jibril applauded Qatar Charity for supporting the education sector by implementing various educational and cultural projects across the country. The commendation came during a ceremony held by the Mogadishu University to celebrate the graduation of 90 students, sponsored by Qatar Charity, in the academic year 2019-2020.The ceremony was attended by many ministers, the president of the university, deans of colleges, presidents of private universities, the director of Qatar Charity’s Somalia office, and the families of graduates.Speaking during the ceremony, Mogadishu University President, Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Mursal, noted the pivotal role of Qatar Charity in sponsoring students to help them overcome their difficulties and continue their education. The president said that the graduates sponsored by Qatar Charity are among toppers in colleges.For his part, Mr.Abdinur Mursal, Director of the Qatar Charity’s Somalia Office, said that Qatar Charity's partnership with the Mogadishu University began through sponsorship programs, when the university was established. “We worked to overcome all obstacles and challenges facing needy and outstanding students,” indicated Mursal, explaining that the sponsorship of students aims to provide the necessary care to help them complete their education in various disciplines.He pointed out that the number of students who graduated from the university reached 1600, while 650 students study there.The graduates expressed their delight and thanked the people in Qatar and Qatar Charity for providing scholarships. Amal Ahmed, a political science graduate, appreciated the donors for helping her complete her studies at the university, noting that the sponsorship program was supportive to many students in need.Muhammad Khalif Abu Bakr, a public administration graduate, said, "When I was in the last year of secondary education, I was thinking about how I could complete my university studies because my family could not afford the costs of studying. However, I was overwhelmed with joy and delight when Qatar Charity accepted me within the student sponsorship program. I grateful to the people in Qatar for supporting my education.”Shams Abd al-Rahman Sheikh Ahmed, who graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences, said, “The people of Qatar and Qatar Charity have opened for us broad horizons of life by sponsoring us to complete our university education.”