Qatar Charity supports open-heart surgeries for children in Kyrgyzstan

Qatar Charity (QC) has started performing open-heart valve surgeries for children with congenital heart disease in the Kyrgyz Republic. Some 21 surgeries have successfully been conducted, while other 81 surgeries are scheduled to be performed, at a total estimated cost of more than 1.3 million Qatari riyals.Some 60 surgeries will be conducted during the coming period, in coordination with the Ministry of Health and the Heart Hospital management. Seeking to extend the appropriate support to carry out these surgeries, Qatar Charity has purchased the necessary equipment, provided medical care to patients at the hospital, and took care of the laboratory tests, in addition to undertaking to provide the required medicines to the patients during the period of medical care. The Deputy Minister of Kyrgyz Health expressed his gratitude and thanks to the State of Qatar, the donors, and Qatar Charity for supporting all development, educational and health projects in the country, and for carrying out qualitative projects such as open-heart surgeries, which were desperately needed. This came in a meeting held at the Heart Hospital in the Kyrgyz Republic after performing the surgeries, in the presence of HE Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the Kyrgyz Republic Abdullah Al Sulaiti. The deputy health minister also indicated that this type of surgery is very expensive and it is difficult to provide heart valve devices, as they are not available in the country, and therefore, they are purchased from abroad.“Qatar Charity and the Embassy of the State of Qatar in the Kyrgyz Republic are working on a permanent collaboration to provide the necessary support for the brothers in the Kyrgyz Republic,” said HE Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the Kyrgyz Republic Abdullah Al Sulaiti. He also indicated that open-heart surgeries are among the most important health projects, because they help save children's lives. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to this project, Qatar Charity’s health projects for Kyrgyzstan include building health centers and delivering assistance like respirators provided during the coronavirus pandemic, and protective equipment for medical staff, in addition to other health and social projects like providing wheelchairs for persons with special needs.