Qatar Charity, QFFD enhance health services in northern Syria

Qatar Charity(QC) and Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) signed a grant agreement to support urgent relief in northern Syria as part of the "Quest Health" initiative.The move came because of the problematic humanitarian situations of the displaced, the severe humanitarian needs, the damage to most medical facilities and other health services essential for daily life, the absence of many primary health services, the scarcity of necessary medicines and vaccines and the lack of equipped hospitals. Under this agreement, the two parties announced the allocation of US $ 6,966,148, and through the QFFD’s ‘Quest.’ the initiative, Qatar Charity will implement several health projects.Primary Health CareThe pact includes the implementation of many specialized health projects in the governorates of Idlib and Aleppo, improving access to life-saving primary health services by operating 6 primary health care centers in northern Syria, and operating central warehouses for medical supplies and a Qatar clinics complex in Afrin, in addition to operating an ambulance and referral system in northwestern Syria.Currently, a project is under implementation to strengthen specialized health services in both Idlib and Aleppo where the hospitals under the project were equipped. Under this project, three hospitals will receive support to offer continued health services to the local population, and 12-month operating costs will be provided. Besides, outpatient clinics and health centers will receive a set of medical equipment.Besides, obstetric and newborn care services, will be offered at the women and children’s specialized hospital, which provides maternal and child health care services, including pediatrics and reproductive health. Some 111,600 persons are expected to benefit from this project. Approximately 201,600 people are expected to benefit from the health care services and medical consultations provided under the project aimed at improving access to life-saving primary health services by operating 6 primary health care centers and training health personnel in northern Syria.AmbulancesSome 10 ambulances have been purchased, equipped with medical equipment, and sent into Syria. Since early this month, the ambulances have been operating under the ambulance and referral system project by focusing on transporting patients in emergencies. The agreement covers the payment of the 12-month operating costs for the 10 ambulances, crews, and employees to provide emergency patient transport services. These ambulances are operational over all regions of northern Syria according to the need and geographical areas.Some 10,000 people are expected to benefit from the projectThe necessary support will be extended through the Qatar Clinics Complex project to provide health services in Afrin, where some 45,000 persons are expected to benefit from the project every month. As part of the plan for the central warehouse of medical supplies the project, two drug warehouses are currently being established in Aleppo and Idlib and medical personnel are being trained within Syria, in addition to providing health centers and hospitals with medical supplies. This project aims to achieve drug sufficiency and reduce the burden on the beneficiaries, in addition to providing other medical services.