Qatar Charity is a model in promoting and supporting international humanitarian work

 There is a saying that goes: It takes a village to raise a child. Similarly, it takes a village to support a person in a humanitarian crisis. With record-high humanitarian needs around the world, this year’s World Humanitarian Day (WHD) builds on this metaphor of collective endeavor to grow global appreciation of humanitarian workWhenever people are in need, others help them. They are the affected people themselves always first to respond when disaster strikes and a global community that supports them as they recover. Far from the spotlight and out of the headlines, they come together to ease suffering and bring hope.The 2022 WHD campaign shines a light on the thousands of volunteers, professionals, and crisis-affected people who deliver urgent health care, shelter, food, protection, water, and much more.According to figures issued by the United Nations, in 2022, 274 million people in 63 countries will need protection and humanitarian assistance. This number is a significant increase from the 235 million people in need a year ago, which was the highest number recorded in decades.  The United Nations and its humanitarian partners aim to assist 183 million people in dire need in 63 countries, which will require $41 billion.World Humanitarian Day highlights the hundreds of thousands of volunteers and people affected by crises who provide urgent health care, shelter, food, protection, and water.Volunteers around the world are exposed to several threats. In the past twenty years, according to the United Nations, shootings, kidnappings, and other attacks against humanitarian organizations have increased tenfold. This year alone, at least 72 humanitarian workers were killed in conflict areas.World Humanitarian Day is an occasion to appreciate the work of humanitarian workers in the field of humanitarian activities in conflict areas, and Qatar Charity considers the celebration of this day an occasion to pay tribute to humanitarian workers and volunteers.Volunteering cultureQatar Charity is one of the leading humanitarian organizations in spreading the culture of volunteer work, as it embraces voluntary community initiatives to implement various projects in various fields.During the Corona pandemic, Qatar Charity opened its doors to many volunteers, and also cooperated with 5 Qatari youth initiatives by launching an initiative under the hashtag “rescue mission” as part of the campaign to tackle Corona, and this contributed to saving thousands of lives around the world.Challenge InitiativesThe Initiatives Challenge is an initiative launched by Qatar Charity to promote humanitarian projects in innovative ways, with the participation of 7 youth volunteer initiatives in Qatar.The idea of the program is to set up virtual events to market humanitarian projects, where the initiatives compete within 20 days to market packages of Qatar Charity projects with creative and influential ideas prepared and designed by the initiatives.Through this challenge, which is held annually, Qatar Charity aims to support initiatives to motivate them to continue and motivate young people to work by presenting the challenge motivating volunteersQatar Charity has worked to improve the capabilities of volunteers and stimulate their potential, as it shed light on the challenges facing humanitarian work and humanitarian organizations, and also developed a future road map to attract young people to benefit from their energies and capabilities. Where Qatar Charity, in cooperation with Qatar University, organized the Humanitarian Action Forum 2021to solve a humanitarian issue.