Qatar Charity launches QR168-million Ramadan drive for 2.2 million beneficiaries worldwide

Qatar Charity (QC) launched the “Ramadan of Hope” campaign for the month of Ramadan 1442 AH (2021), aiming to benefit 2.2 million people in 33 countries, including Qatar, with the target value of nearly QR168 million. On this occasion, Qatar Charity thanked the benefactors, both citizens and residents, for supporting its projects throughout the year, and for their generous contributions to its previous Ramadan campaigns. It has also urged them to support the ‘Ramadan of Hope’ campaign for this year to reach the target beneficiaries such as the underprivileged, the displaced, and refugees, across the globe. Qatar Charity stated that it had chosen ‘Give the Gift of Hope’ as a slogan for its current Ramadan drive to encourage the kind-hearted and benevolent people in the month of compassion and solidarity to contribute to creating hope for the poor and the needy, and bringing about a change in their lives. As the world will welcome the blessed month of Ramadan for the second time in a raw amid the continued coronavirus pandemic, Qatar charity has affirmed its keenness to take precautionary measures while implementing its seasonal projects to maintain public safety.Qatar Charity has indicated that it will distribute food packages and Iftar meals individually to the beneficiaries, using cars, and it has also facilitated the online donation process through its website, app, and other digital tools. The main three projects of the Ramadan campaign are the distribution of Zakat al-Fitr, the provision of Eid clothes, and ‘Feed the Fasting, which includes delivering food baskets and meals. The campaign aims to deliver social aid worth more than 100 million Qatar riyals in Qatar, and impellent community program remotely. It also includes many media programs produced by Qatar Charity and broadcasted in cooperation with Qatari media and through their social media accounts.Ramadan Projects around the worldQatar Charity, through its field offices and partners, aims to implement three Ramadan projects, which are ‘Feed the Fasting’, Zakat Al Fitr, and Eid Clothing, in 32 countries of the world. Qatar Charity also intends to distribute food aid to the displaced, refugees, and the needy in disaster and crisis-hit areas. Qatar Charity, with the support of donors in Qatar, seeks to benefit 1.6 million people from these projects at an estimated cost of 56.7 million Qatari Riyals. Feed the Fasting The “Feed the Fasting” project includes the distribution of ready-to-eat Iftar meals and food baskets that contain essential foodstuffs for a family for the month of Ramadan. It seeks to benefit 539,590 people at an expected cost of 22.2 million Qatari Riyals. Zakat Al-FitrThe distribution of Zakat al-Fitr aims to reduce the financial burden on needy families and share they joy of Eid with them. Some 456,700 people are expected to benefit from the project at an anticipated cost of 5.9 million Qatari riyals.Eid Clothing This project provides clothes to orphans to share the joy of Eid with them. Some 4,390 children are expected to benefit from the project, at an estimated cost of more than 878,000 Qatari riyals.Relief Aid to Crisis-Hit AreasRefugees, the displaced, and the poor are expected to benefit from the relief aid in 25 countries, especially in Syria and neighboring countries, Yemen, Somalia, and Palestine, The assistance will include the distribution of food baskets, in addition to operating bakeries in some countries like northern Syria to provide bread for free. Some 552,000 people are expected to benefit from the aid at an estimated cost of nearly 26.8 million Qatari riyals.