Qatar Charity launches 2022 campaign 'Ramadan of Hope'

The QR 133 million drive aims to reach over 2 million people in 40 countries, including Qatar.  Nearly one million people in Qatar are expected to benefit from the QR 100 million Ramadan projects. The campaign targets community members in Qatar including workers, low-income families, orphans, and individuals in debt, in addition to implementing community projects and voluntary initiatives. Several projects such as ‘Feed the Fasting' (food packages and Iftar meals), Zakat al-Fitr, and Eid clothing are set to target 1.1 million beneficiaries across the world. Qatar Charity (QC) has launched the ‘Ramadan of Hope’ drive for the year 1443 AH – 2022 Ramadan, aiming to benefit more than two million people in 40 countries, including Qatar. The launch of the QR 133 million campaign was announced in a press conference held at Qatar Charity’s headquarters and attended by QC officials, including Mr. Ahmad Yousef Fakhroo, CEO’s assistant for the Resources Development and Media sector, Mr. Faisal Rashid Al Fehaida, CEO's assistant for the Programs and Community Development sector, and. Mr. Khalid Abdulla Alyafei, Director of the Programs and International Development department.“Qatar Charity extends its heartfelt congratulations and sincere wishes to the Qatari leadership, government, citizens and residents on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan,” said Mr. Ahmad Yousef Fakhroo at the opening of the press conference, making supplication to Allah that peace, harmony, and happiness would prevail everywhere in the world.He also thanked the benefactors for continuously supporting Qatar Charity’s projects throughout the year, and for generously donating for its previous Ramadan drives. He urged them to continue supporting this year’s campaign to reach the target beneficiaries, including the internally displaced persons (IDPs), refugees, and the underprivileged worldwide.  He also appreciated the role of media and social media influencers in supporting Qatar Charity’s numerous projects and campaigns.Mr. Fakhroo noted that Qatar Charity has chosen ‘For a Dignified Life’ as the slogan for its ‘Ramadan of Hope’ drive, believing that giving brings back the hope for a safer and more stable life, and helps realize the hope of the underprivileged for a dignified life.  He called on the philanthropists to make the approaching month of Ramadan a new start to contribute to creating hope for the underprivileged and the deprived and meeting their essential needs to make a positive difference in their lives.The Ramadan drive includes several seasonal projects, which are ‘Feed the Fasting’ (food packages and Iftar meals), Zakat al-Fitr, ‘Eid Clothing’, ‘Eid Gift’ for orphans and children from low-income families, and the ‘Ramadan Gift’. Qatar Charity, while implementing the projects of its Ramadan drive, will take into account the precautionary measures against the covid-19. Under the ‘Feed the Fasting’ project, the food packages and meals will only be distributed. Qatar Charity, as part of its Ramadan activities in Qatar, aims to deliver QR 84 million social assistance, implement community and cultural programs, and produce media and social media programs. Ramadan Projects in Qatar  “The ‘Ramadan of Hope’ drive, with the support of philanthropists, aspires to implement several seasonal projects in Qatar during Ramadan to benefit workers, low-income families, and orphans,” said Mr. Faisal Rashid Al Fehaida. He indicated that the campaign also seeks to deliver assistance to those in debt, widows, and individuals in need of assistance as part of the ‘Alaqraboon’ initiative, in addition to implementing many awareness and cultural projects and voluntary initiatives. He noted that nearly one million people in Qatar are expected to benefit from the following QR 100 million Ramadan projects, as well as from the community initiatives.