Qatar Charity implements ‘improved health, nutrition and well-being’ project for Pakistan’s vulnerable communities

Qatar Charity (QC), in partnership with UNICEF, is implementing a 22-month project in Pakistan under the name ‘improved health, nutrition and well-being of poor and vulnerable people’ in the Jhang district of Punjab, as well as, in the Quetta and Naseerabad districts of Balochistan. The project is expected to benefit nearly one million people in three districts of Pakistan where Qatar Charity has formed villages committees, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) clubs, school committees, held training sessions for government officials and staffs, and displayed awareness materials in public places. “This is a need-based project that will benefit the targeted community. We are trying our best to provide basic WASH facilities to our people. For this purpose, we highly encourage our stakeholders and partners to come forward and help us to maintain a clean and safe environment in the province,” said Mr. Naimat Ullah Babar, the Director General-Local Government Balochistan. He also hoped Qatar Charity will be a long-lasting and great partner, and its project will benefit a high number of people in the targeted district. “Qatar Charity has been contributing to uplifting the socio-economic status of people in the Jhang district for last couple of years. I have seen its teams making a lot of efforts to facilitate the construction of toilets, provide safe drinking water, and carry out some other welfare works,” said Shahid Abbad Joya, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Jhang. “The role of Qatar Charity during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic was remarkable. It has a significant role in the construction and provision of shelter for needy, miserable and extremely vulnerable families, which is a wonderful job and a noble deed,” he added. Mr. Abdul Waisy, a beneficiary from Quetta, stated that the project will highly benefit the community. “There is a dire need for wash and hygiene activities in the community, and we are glad that Qatar Charity is helping us improve the quality of health and hygiene status in our community,” added Waisy, hoping that all the community members would have access to clean water, health, and hygiene services at the end of the project.” Mr. Nadir Baloch, also a beneficiary from Quetta, said that there are WASH issues in schools, hoping that Qatar Charity would construct WASH facilities for the children in the schools.  Qatar Charity, through its Pakistan office, has recently signed two contracts with UNICEF to implement two WASH projects for the benefit of nearly one million people in the provinces of Punjab and Baluchistan. Both WASH projects are being implemented at a cost of QR 12 million.