Qatar Charity digs dozens of water wells in Somalia

 Qatar Charity (QC) has started digging 27 wells in several regions of Somalia's Hirshabelle State and inaugurated an artesian water well in 'Garasdheere,' a village in Hirshabelle, to benefit tens of thousands of families belonging to pastoral communities. The project is part of Qatar Charity's efforts to respond to drought and provide safe drinking water in Somalia's remote, inaccessible and rugged areas that suffer from water scarcity. The wells under construction are expected to meet the water needs of 13,000 families, while the completed well is expected to benefit 5,000 families from the village and other neighboring villages, in addition to meeting the water needs of their livestock.The inaugural ceremony of the well-named 'Alrahma Well' was attended by the official of the Balad district and the representatives of Hirshabelle's Ministries of Water and Health and representatives of Qatar Charity's Somalia office, and many dignitaries of the community. Mr. Qasim Ali Noor, the commissioner of the Balad district, thanked Qatar Charity, which has always supported the impoverished and the needy in Somalia, especially in villages and rural areas, to meet their needs and provide them with the necessary services."The district's population could hardly have access to clean water," said the commissioner of the Balad district, adding that they had to fetch water by animals from the city of Balad, which is more than 7 kilometers away. He indicated that the 'Alrahma Well' is a significant source to meet the village's water needs and other neighboring towns.Mr. Saleh Mohamed Hassan, Minister of Water and Energy in Hirshabelle State, applauded the role and humanitarian and developmental work of Qatar Charity across the state.Mr. Ahmed Moalem Ali, a notable person from the ‘Ga'Garasdheere'llage, said that many livestock died due to the lack of sufficient water, adding that because of Qatar charity people forgot all the suffering they had to go through.  It is worth noting that Qatar Charity has permanently attached significant attention to the water sector of Somalia, which has seen successive droughts. Qatar Charity has implemented 421 water projects, benefiting more than one million people in 2019. In 2018, it dug 44 artesian wells and 371 surface wells and dug six ponds in different governorates and regions of Somalia.