Qatar Charity delivers aid to those affected by COVID-19, earthquake across Pakistan

 Qatar Charity (QC), through its office in Pakistan has distributed 4,000 hygiene kits to a Government quarantine centers and other health facilities across the country, and delivered aid to those affected by the 2019 earthquake and current-year heavy snowfall in Pakistan-administered Kashmir.  This assistance comes from Qatar Charity within the framework of its global efforts to curb the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in various ports of the world.   The distribution of the assistance took place in all provinces of the country, in cooperation with the local authorities and coordination with the State Disaster Management Authority (SDMA) and the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA). In addition to distributing 4000 hygiene kits in all provinces, Qatar Charity delivered 500 hygiene kits to several hospitals in Peshawar, and provided support worth nearly QR 2 million to 245,000 individuals of fragile communities affected by the 2019 earthquake in Mirpur and current- year heavy snowfall in Neelum Valley  Widows, female-headed households, persons with special needs, the elderly, and orphans are given priority while selecting beneficiaries of the relief projects implemented in Mirpur where Qatar The charity has distributed 200 winterized kits, two ambulances along with medical equipment and medicines for the Health Department, and 80 small and medium-sized income-generating projects. Besides, it has implemented relief food projects in Neelum, benefiting hundreds of families. The Deputy Commissioner of Neelum and the State Disaster Management Authority thanked the people in Qatar for identifying the most affected emergency area and providing support to vulnerable communities in this challenging time.